Al Rehab Poly Clinics

Since 2006, Al Rehab Poly Clinics has been a pioneer in offering exceptional medical services by applying international standards in health care.

About Us

Our goal at Al Rehab Poly Clinics is to provide the best healthcare service for you and your family through the continuous development of all our services.

We strive to provide you with the most delinquent technologies and devices and the best consultants and specialists in all medical specialities.

The best healthcare care for you and your family.

Our consultants are always there for you.

To handle all cases and ensure our patients’ comfort. Al Rehab Poly Clinics’ medical staff consists of the best consultants and highly qualified nursing staff to manage all cases and guarantee our patients’ comfort.

Best consultants

More than 15 specialities

The latest diagnostic and treatment technology

Accredited Medical Services

Al Rehab Poly Clinics is accredited by many international healthcare accrediting organizations.

Multiple Specialities

Al Rehab Poly Clinics provides you with specialized clinics in more than 15 specialities.

The Best Consultants

We are proud of the presence of an elite group of consultants specializing in many fields.

International Quality

Al Rehab Poly Clinics follow international quality standards for providing medical services.


Obstetrics And Gynecology Clinic

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic provides all medical services necessary to provide the best healthcare service for women during pregnancy and postpartum. It also covers all women’s health needs regarding reproductive system diseases and hormonal changes from puberty to menopause.

Internal Medicine And Cardiology Clinic

The internal medicine clinic is distinguished by the diversity of medical services that are provided using one of the best medical devices in the world and the best doctors.s.

The clinic provides the latest technologies for the treatment of general internal diseases and heart diseases

Orthopaedics And Physiotherapy Clinic

Orthopaedic and Physiotherapy clinics at Al Rehab Poly Clinics include the most skilled doctors and consultants to provide you with the best diagnostic service, in addition to its ability to deal with all cases of orthopaedic treatment and surgery.

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