Armstrong recently stepped down out-of their ideal leadership standing amidst accusations regarding sexual misconduct and lawsuits

Teaches annihilationism, salvation legally-staying, Sabbatarianism, and that man can become a member of “brand new God family” (Godhead)

Church out of Christ, Forehead Lot, Granville Hedrick, Versatility, MO: Splinter category you to definitely bankrupt away from the Reorganized Chapel away from Goodness Christ from Latter-day New orleans saints.

Church regarding Christ into Elijah Content, Otto Fetting, Versatility, MO: Splinter class you to broke off the Reorganized Chapel out-of Jesus Christ off Latter-day Saints.

Chapel regarding Christ into Elijah Message, Greenwood, MO: 1998 splinter classification regarding Otto Fetting’s band of a similar identity.

Church away from Cosmic Origin, Vow Troxell, June Lake, CA: Modern, Community, Cosmic Christianity, even more scripture includes The publication away from Enoch.

Chapel away from Crucial Research, Scottsdale, AZ: Kabbalah, cosmic laws and regulations from Divine spark to get to salvation, Jesus is actually All-in inception.

Church off Freethought: A personal providers having atheists that provides the fresh new solutions having communicating, area provider, and societal assistance provided by theistic places of worship.

Chapel out of Jesus Evangelistic Relationship, David J. Smith, Richardson, TX: Armstrongism splinter class. Rejects Trinity, identification of the Holy Spirit, and actual resurrection. Publishes Newswatch Magazine and Newswatch broadcast and tv apps.

Publishes This new Herald from Specifics newsletter

Chapel away from Jesus, (Abrahamic Faith), Wenatchee, WA: Adventist classification, much like the Bible People communities; denies the latest Trinity, teaches annihilationism. Publishes Cards To possess Bible Children newsletter.

Chapel from God, Around the world, Gather Ted Armstrong, Tyler, TX: Armstrongism break-regarding group. Publishes the brand new In the world Development and you may Twentieth century Watch publications.

Chapel off God, Seventh day, Caldwell, ID: Sabbatarianism; observes Sabbath and you may Meal months; baptism necessary for salvation (select baptismal regeneration).

Chapel out of Jesus (7th Time) Salem, WV: Rejects the Trinity; instructs Sabbatarianism; observes Banquet weeks and you can Sabbath; baptism required for salvation Г‡in kadД±nlar bizi arД±yor kocasД± (see baptismal regeneration). Posts The brand new Advocate away from Insights publication.

Church regarding Goodness Christ out of Latter-go out New orleans saints, The fresh, Joseph Smith, Salt River Town, UT: (Latter-day Saints, LDS, Mormonism) Fundamental human anatomy off Mormonism; comprehends Brigham Young since Smith’s replacement. Smith claimed that the Father and you may Child did actually him and you may named your to exchange the actual Chapel. LDS Church will teach one Goodness the daddy was once a guy and you can try exalted to Godhood. God (and his beautiful Partner) begat billions of heart youngsters, the newest firstborn regarding exactly who try Jesus. Lucifer is the leader out-of God’s rebellious heart students. The individuals comfort just who failed to rebel getting human beings under control to begin processes potentially resulting in exaltation to Godhood. Goodness, yet not, turned into a jesus while you are just a heart. He organized our world in fact it is Jehovah, new Goodness from Israel. He’s a separate and you may using Goodness to Elohim, the father. A change is created amongst the Holy Ghost, who is an excellent personage out of Spirit, and also the Holy Heart. The latter is a good divine energy, push, or religious essence one to fills brand new market that’s utilized by most of the three members of the fresh new Godhead in the get it done and you will accomplishment of their usually. The new Church rejects the brand new orthodox doctrine of Trinity. It also redefines salvation by grace to mention merely to resurrection. Almost all human beings would be resurrected to your one of around three kingdoms away from glory, the least where is actually much superior to things recognized inside the so it lifestyle. Admission for the highest kingdoms, and you will a person’s review around, is based not only up on this new atonement out of Christ, but also upon one’s good works. Completion of your high prospective into the high kingdom?Godhood?requires done “behavior to all guidelines and you will ordinances of your gospel.” This new Bible, Publication out-of Mormon, Pearl of great Rates, and you can Doctrine and you can Covenants are typical thought scripture. Publishes Church Information and you may Ensign mag. Reputation offered. Browse procedure offered.