Ibn ‘Abbas derived which hadd punishment from the discipline you to Allah sent upon the fresh homosexuals of the people out of Lut

‘Abd-Allah ibn ‘Abbas told you: The greatest reason for the metropolis will be found therefore the homosexual is going to be tossed direct earliest of it, following stones will lГ¤s detta be thrown within him.

Whenever Allah stated zina, He explained it as good “higher sin” (fahishah – indefinite) among almost every other great sins, but once The guy stated homosexuality, He called they “the new worst sin” (al-fahishah – definite)

Ibn ‘Abbas is one exactly who narrated on the Prophet (tranquility and you will blessings from Allah be up on your) the language: “Anyone who you can see creating the action of the people off Lut, play the one who can it and the one to whom it is complete.” This was narrated of the experts away from al-Sunan and you can is actually classified since the sahih by Ibn Hibban while some. Imam Ahmad cited this hadith while the research, and its particular isnad meets brand new criteria out of al-Bukhari.

They said: and is narrated which he told you: “Could possibly get Allah curse the one who really does the experience of people of Lut, will get Allah curse the one who does the experience of one’s folks of Lut, get Allah curse the one who does the action of your own individuals of Lut,” and is also perhaps not narrated which he cursed the fresh adulterer around three minutes in one single hadith. The brand new Companions of one’s Live messenger regarding Allah (comfort and you can blessings out of Allah become upon him) assented unanimously that the homosexual will be done, and you can do not require differed concerning one to. Rather they differed as to the form of execution. People believed that this differences intended which they disagreed on the doing your, so they really narrated it an issue towards that your Companions differed, however it is a matter in regards to the and that there was opinion certainly one of all of them, perhaps not a matter of change.

He cursed individuals who would many major sins, but the guy did not curse any of them over and over again, but the guy constant the brand new curse toward homosexual 3 times

“And you can already been perhaps not close to illegal sex. Verily, it is a great Fahishah (we.e. anything that transgresses its limitations: a good sin), and you may a wicked means (which leads you to definitely heck unless Allah Forgives your) .” [al-Isra ] and you will just what He says on the homosexuality (interpretation of the definition):

“And (remember) Lut (Lot), as he thought to their someone: Could you to go the fresh new terrible sin particularly not one before you features the time throughout the ‘Alamin (humankind and you may jinn)?.” [al-A’raf seven:80] may find the difference between them. This suggests it includes the substance out-of worst and you may sin.” (Al-Jawab al-Kafi (p. 260-263)

“Regarding homosexuality, a number of the students asserted that this new abuse for this is like this new abuse getting zina, and it also are asserted that it is below you to definitely. But the best view on that the Companions was basically unanimously decided is that they are both becoming slain, new productive and also the couch potato partners, if they is hitched or perhaps not.

New article writers from al-Sunan narrated of Ibn ‘Abbas (will get Allah be pleased with him) that Prophet (comfort and blessings out-of Allah end up being abreast of him) said: “Anybody who the thing is performing the action of the people out-of Lut, execute the person who does it plus the you to definitely just who it’s done.” And Abu Dawud narrated away from Ibn ‘Abbas regarding single person who commits good homosexual work which he said: He is to get stoned. And something equivalent are narrated of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (will get Allah be pleased with him). The brand new Companions failed to disagree concerning governing your homosexual is usually to be done, nevertheless they differed towards actions. It actually was narrated of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with your) that he’s are burnt, and you will regarding someone else that he’s become conducted.