Shake: It is good gay bar upon 9th

Meatwad: Better, we are really not American, yet ,, up to we ticket that foolish shot. One attempt a great bitch. Frylock: Carl was going to subscribe you, best? Meatwad: Yeah-huh, but he told you however instead grab their dining on the turf, in which discover witnesses. Shake: Taken care of! I am able to destroy that it bird using my rage! Carl: . Meatwad: Shotgun! Frylock: Move, place that damn chainsaw off! Provide here! Shake: But I did so label shotgun. Shake: [Disrupting the prayer, whispering] Pardon me, nothing let? Can i have the tacos please? Frylock: ahem This bounty regarding tacos. Shake: [Interrupts once super pretty Rio de janeiro girl again] Can you solution the newest tacos? Do you pass me personally the fresh tacos? Frylock: Here! Shake: Okay, after that. Carl: So it move is wet! Shake: Disappointed, delight go on. Frylock: Ahem.

To your fellowship we have w– Meatwad: Hey, hey. Waiting. What is a good fellowship? Frylock: To the fellowship we have with our neighbor, Carl! Carl: Zero, zero! Don’t line me to your it! God does not need to be aware that I am right here! Turkatron: Try he annoyed? Meatwad: Nah, don’t worry about this. He or she is always got his butt chapped regarding somethin’. Frylock: Today who the latest heck are you presently? Turkatron: I am Turkatron. I have are from the year 9595 to keep that it bird one to lies one which just to own he or she is the favorable, great, high, great-grandfather. Turkatron: Do you know which Goblox is? I will inform you exactly who Goblox is.

Around 9595, a hurry off misshapen chicken was naturally developed by poultry researchers just like the payback against their bird aunt. Such turkeys do hop out brand new uterus doused for the gravy; gravy filled up with brand new giblets from good monkey. The fresh French craved they and you may, this means that, chicken became the actual only real restaurants origin for France, that is today entitled RoboFrance 30. I was later on murdered by the birds! So, of course, you will see as to why I’m aggravated during the men and women birds. Frylock: Uh-huh. You understand, your sound extremely familiar. Turkatron: Needless to say I really do. Months and you can months before, I got came upon their neighbors taking the sort of the new Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas time Prior regarding Coming. But I did not see he was a representative: a turkey from inside the disguise.

Aren’t you glad we have been thanking the lord to possess a good nautically inspired gay club?

Sent regarding the season 19. Frylock: 9595? Turkatron: After that. They had evolved, big-time! Out-of beyond feathers, the beaks had softened as well as obtained man-made cleverness and you will appendages on the poultry black market of outside the Moon! Carl, Nextdoor Carl, is actually an excellent hyper-evolved chicken regarding coming? Turkatron: (in order to Meatwad) . Exactly what? You’re? Shake: They are. He isn’t right! Turkatron: We understood you to. Which explains why I became sent right here so you can erase their mind. I’d becoming reformulated by the rogue chicken experts with the rebellion. It constructed my smooth, chicken system which welcome to own safer passage through the time rift. Therefore, in realization: the fresh bird includes myself. Turkatron: Is the fact good taco pie? Meatwad: Mm-hmm. Turkatron: Taco cake!

Shake: Are you big?

Meatwad: I added food coloring ’cause it’s a holiday, however it turned black colored ’cause I additional all the food coloring I got. And that i consumed so it butter straight-out of your own bathtub, ’cause they choice good. Discover a conclusion trailing that which you. Turkatron: Take pleasure in those tacos now, to own in the a good thousand age they will be illegal! Ha ha ha ha! I believe we know as to why. Meatwad: We all know as to why. Turkatron: Anti-taco laws and regulations! Disestablishmentarianism! Turkatron: You are aware, one past chew, they reminds myself associated with really enough time tale how the fresh new chickens turned into a king race by way of a freak accident involving radiation, and you can remarkably adequate, for me, a great elizabeth guy? Frylock: Yeah, I believe very. They are in love. Shake: I do believe he could be most on the year 9595.